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Why is a Canadian Certified Pedorthist different?

September 1, 2020 | 0 comments

As seen in “The Bruce County Marketplace Magazine” Feb 2018 issue

If you have experienced issues such as heel pain first thing in the morning, knee pain during a run, or arthritic pain in your big toe you may have looked into the possibility of custom made orthotics. There are a variety of health care providers that offer this service, including chiropractors, physiotherapists and chiropodists as well as providers that aren’t in the health care industry such as cruise ship vendors, shoe sales people and a machine you step on in the middle of Costco.

Canadian Certified Pedorthists, or C. Ped (C)s, fall into the category of heath care providers of custom made orthotics. However, on top of being trained in lower limb anatomy and biomechanics, C. Ped (C)s such as Laura Van den Borre at Maple Shores Health Centre in Port Elgin, also have very specialized training in the fabrication process of the orthotic device. Laura has a lab in each clinic location, allowing her to fit your orthotics into multiple shoes as well as to do same day modifications so you never have to go without your orthotics.

As a C. Ped (C), Laura will perform a thorough 45 minute assessment that will go over your alignment, your range of motion and your gait analysis. If orthotics are deemed necessary, a three-dimensional mould is taken. This 3D cast allows the orthotic to be hand-built directly off of the patient’s foot - this is what makes the custom orthotic truly custom. This is process that sets C. Ped (C)s apart from other orthotic providers and makes them experts in the industry.

If you are considering custom made orthotics for your foot, knee or hip pain, please look into the provider you are considering. Would you go to your dentist for a pair of prescription eyeglasses?

If you or someone you know is looking for a C. Ped (C) please call Laura Van den Borre at your nearest location to see how her expertise can help you get back to your active, pain free life.

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