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Why a Clean Fridge Makes Me So Happy...

October 2, 2016 | 0 comments

As crazy as it may sound, I take great pleasure in having a clean fridge.  I have commented a few times in my “Healthy Eating Made Easier” Facebook group about how happy a clean fridge makes me.  There are a lot of things that I can’t control in my life, but I can control how organized my fridge is:)  I also know that I will waste less food if I know what is in my fridge, have a plan for how to use it, and can easily find it.  Each week I take stock of what is in there before I do the grocery shopping, so that I can either throw out what’s gone bad, or figure out a recipe that can incorporate what’s left in the next week’s meals.  Using this system, our fridge is rarely packed, but I still know we have enough food in there to eat healthy meals.  I thought I would share what my system is, in case it can help someone else.

1.       Top Left Shelf – this is where we keep all of our beverages…usually goat milk for the kids, some type of nut milk for me and my husband, and apple cider (this is   what our kids have for breakfast diluted with water)

2.       Top Right Shelf – the spot for eggs, plain Greek yogurt (we go through a lot of this!), and any of the kids’ drinks that didn’t get finished

3.       Deli Drawer – this is pretty obvious… we keep meat (the kids like the all-naturals nitrate free meats in their lunches) and cheeses here (usually a block of parmesan and old white cheddar (orange is just artificial colouring) are our staples)

4.       Middle Shelf – where we store leftovers, the weekly homemade snack if it needs to be refrigerated, pre-chopped raw veggies, hummus, the next day’s lunches, and any jars that don’t fit in our door (I try to put commonly used ones here so that they don’t disappear into the condiment abyss).  I almost always store our food in clear, glass containers – then we can easily see what’s in them, and I believe it is a safer way to store and heat food (even if they are BPA free, plastics have lots of other chemicals in them).

5.       Bottom Shelf – for extra goat milk bags, fruit that doesn’t fit on our fruit stand on the counter, and any overflow from the middle shelf

6.       Fruit and Veggie Drawers – this is usually just for veggies (the fruit is either on the counter or the bottom shelf).  If any part of my fridge could be bigger, this is what I would love to change.

7.       Door – I organize the containers so that items with similar uses are together: nut butters, condiments, regular butter, cooking sauces.  We make a lot of our sauces and dressings, so most of these bottles are able to fit here.

8.       Freezer – our freezer is divided into four compartments (two levels, with two sides each).  We do have a stand up freezer that holds the overflow meat, but we don’t actually keep that much in it most of the time.

·        Top shelf – one side has frozen veggies, seeds (like flax) and the other has frozen bread products and any frozen baked goods

·        Bottom shelf – one side has frozen meat, and frozen meals (I label these with what they are and when they were made), and the other half has frozen fruit (berries and bananas mostly) and ice

So there you have it!  Some of you are probably going to think I am crazy to have written a whole post about this, and that’s okay.  For those of you who, like me, feel that life runs a bit more smoothly when things are organized, hopefully you will find it helpful to find how my “fridge mind” works.

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