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Palms Up

June 13, 2017 | 0 comments

Sitting with “Palms Up” to help with Postural Awareness

We see a lot of clients in our practice that struggle with proper posture on a day to day basis.  Sometimes, it is our careers that put us in a bad position for a good part of the day.  Then our body learns that this is a normal position and adapts to it.  We can also have structural issues going on such as scar tissue that pulls us down and can affect our ability to maintain proper alignment. 

There is a simple exercise that we show people to help maintain good posture and train the body to keep tall and not slump down.

** Sit up tall and press your shoulders back and then place hands in a “palms up” position.  This locks the collarbones and will not allow you to slump forward.**


We get our clients to try it in a seated position with palms facing down first to demonstrate how easy it is to slump forward. Next, we get them to do the palms up method and try to slump.  It is much more difficult to let your body get into a poor posture position.

Use this simple technique while: watching TV, at the cinema, in a car, or at your computer. This will help get you back up to where you are supposed to be.

There are so many benefits to good posture, and here are just a few:

  • Improved circulation and digestion
  • Easier time breathing and taking a full deep breath
  • Portrayal of a more confident image as you enter a room
  • Muscles and joints will work optimally if your body is overall great alignment


Such a small and simple change that can make a huge impact on your daily living!!


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