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Confessions of a Girl Who Wasn't Good at Sports

September 20, 2016 | 0 comments

I grew up believing I was a smart kid, not an athletic kid.  I thought I just wasn't "good at sports", and never played on a team until I was an adult.  I know now that anyone can be active, including myself, but those old phrases still repeat in my mind at times.  It took me pleasantly by surprise recently when a few people complimented me on my arms, and asked what I was doing (I credit small group training with Corinne at Fitness Funatics, and Beachbody workouts at home).

I included this picture because I can easily fall into the pattern of critiquing myself when I am doing a downward dog...my hamstrings are too tight, my arms aren't straight enough, I'm not flexible (I could go on...).  The reality is a downward dog doesn't have to look a certain way.  I am working to focus instead on how great it feels to stretch my muscles, breathe, feel my strength and move my body.

My name is Jennifer Haessler, I do a lot of things like a girl, and I'm totally okay with that now. After all, I am a girl!

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